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On Target 
Strategically target your customer's needs with our Impact Adz for Special Events, Advertising, Sales Promotions, Parades, Grand Openings, Employment Offers, or Trade Shows. 

On Time 
Your Impact Adz billboard can travel to any destination at anytime. exclusively for its Advertiser.



































































Impact Adz
Advertising is a must for the success of any business today. At Impact Adz we will work with you to help you become successful. Whether it’s advertising for an upcoming special event, a grand opening, a need to attract new help, or just the need to attract more customers into your business, our portable advertising could be the solution you need.

Impact Adz specializes in portable advertising signs. We offer signs that can be done in high contrast colors to get your message across.

You may rent these signs either by the week or monthly. Simply choose your Sign, purchase with Paypal, and you will be directed to fill in the online order form with the wording you would like. Submit this form to us along with when and where you would like the sign, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Please Call 701-361-8201 or email for rates on the PURCHASE SIGN FORM

If you would like to be billed for your order, please CLICK HERE

Use Impact Adz For:

  • Grand Openings
  • Sales and special events
  • Directions to your business
  • Birthday and Anniversary greetings
  • Sports Events
  • Employment Offers

In the world of advertising, Impact Adz offer enormous impact to give the individual the ‘street level, in-your-face’ presence, reaching thousands of people on the roadways.